What you’ll need

python3 and pip

For the first part of this tutorial, you’ll need a Python 3 interpreter with the sqlite3 standard library module available.

You can run this on your own computer, or use a browser-based environment.

https://pyodide.org/en/stable/console.html will work for a purely browser-based (WebAssembly) environment.

For the second part, you’ll also need the ability to pip install Python packages.

Python 3 on your own laptop (maybe in a fresh virtual environment) is a good option here. You could also use GitHub Codespaces or Google Colab or Jupyter Hub or your online notebook solution of choice.

Optional: GitHub Codespaces

I’ll be working through the tutorial using GitHub Codespaces, using https://github.com/github/codespaces-jupyter

Animated demo of Codespaces Jupyter